The Bio-Harvester Wood™ Fecon® is the single forest equipment which simultaneously cuts down the trees, shreds them and loads the biomass. The trees are shredded with knives and hammers with tungsten carbide.
The crushed material is blown up by a system of ventilators in the collection units. The head used to collect the trees can be mounted on a Fecon FTX440 track carrier or on a farm tractor (minimum power of 250HP). The FTX440 can easily resist to difficult forest conditions and an unit for the collection.
The Bio-Harvester Wood™ is used for the mulching of the trees and materials that have a maximum diameter of 6 Po. The biomass thus obtained can be then used to produce bioenergy.
The Bio-Harvester Wood ™ is a very competitive system for the harvest of biomass and it can be used in various applications, thus increasing your productivity.
The Bio-Harvester Wood Fecon™ it is the essential equipment to increase the use of renewable energy. Brochure





The RTC22 Fecon® is an unique mobile equipment for the shredding of wood and of the wood residues. The high mobility of the RTC22 enables it to work on distant sites which that are difficult to reach with other vehicles. The power of our hydraulic feeding conveyor can easily manage the small branches and the trees up to 22 in of diameter.
The RTC22 is well adapted for a certain number of other applications. With the optional addition of a Fecon tree sheer, this equipment enables you to do an excellent job usually carried out by several equipment.
The RTC22 can move with a good speed on the roads without damaging them and is can reach the ditches for the cleaning and the recovery of wood residues.
Three different models of RTC22 are available: 4, 6 and 8 wheels with power of 150 HP with 500 HP, for better meeting our customers’ needs. Brochure1 Brochure2 Brochure3

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